A White World

It is very disheartening to think that, in 2017, white supremacy still exists. In recent days, there was a white supremacist march in Charlottesville (VA, America) which was met with counter protests. Violence broke out and three people have died in total with more injured. It is 2017 and people are still dying because of racism. This is one event which has made the news but there are likely many more white supremacist campaigns going on all the time and we are not aware of it. Some people will argue that they are exercising their right to free speech but, I believe, there is a line.

As mentioned in one of my previous posts, free speech is fine until it becomes hate speech and starts inciting violent, offensive, or discriminatory values. The saddest part is that this hatred is arising over something people cannot control - skin colour, the amount of pigment in someone's skin. This hatred is based on ignorant stereotypes and years of oppression on the "other" which have b…

“Look At Me, Give Me Likes!” – The Rise of Digital Exhibitionism

I have been thinking a lot about social media recently, whilst looking at those around me, and I just cannot ignore how false it all is. I have written about social media before, and will be writing about this topic for my upcoming university dissertation, because it is impossible to ignore. We are living in a real life “Black Mirror” episode. We have become that dystopian society that is described in fictional stories as a warning to us so we do not become mindless robots consumed by technology. We are living our life for social media, for others to see, for the likes and validation. I am guilty of this myself and it is beginning to take its toll on me. This is a topic I feel very strongly about because I see so many around me suffering from different issues and I believe that social media and constant connection to the internet is playing a massive role in these issues. I want to find answers. I want to find explanations.

The way people act online compared to real life is very dishe…

The Importance of Diversity in the Media

A few days ago, the BBC revealed who the new Doctor would be in Doctor Who. It was announced that Jodie Whittaker would be taking on the role, from Peter Capaldi, which received a mixture of reviews. Whittaker’s Doctor will be a very important one as she will be the first woman to play the role. This is a tremendous step for gender equality in the media but left many people wondering why there is a need for the Doctor to be played by a woman when the actor has been male for the show’s history. I can respect this point of view, however, the main point of criticism here would be that the Doctor is an alien who regenerates into a completely new person, so why could that person not be a woman?
I am not going to preach on about feminism or woman’s rights because, as a male, I do not feel I can comment or argue my point on behalf of women as I can never understand what it feels like to be misrepresented due to being a woman. As a minority, however, I understand where this debate is coming fr…

Glasgow - Ya Beauty!

Glasgow, Scotland's largest city (though sadly not the capital. Thanks a lot, Edinburgh!). A population of just over 600,000 weird and wonderful people. A city that has so much going on, so much culture, happiness, and beauty. And for me, it's home.

This post is quite long and the first part focuses on my experience of living in Glasgow over the past 3 years. The second part discusses my top 3 favourite things about Glasgow, so if you want to skip the nostalgic and personal stuff then scroll about halfway down the post!

I moved to Glasgow in September 2014 for University, however, I grew up in Livingston which is under an hour away. So it wasn't a tremendous move, but far away enough from home that I could have my independence - and, of course, still close enough to home that I could visit my parents without trekking the country! Growing up, I had always viewed Glasgow as this strange, big, and scary city. It was certainly rougher than Edinburgh and Livingston and I always…

Life is Strange

SPOILER ALERT! This post discusses my experience of playing “Life is Strange” and contains some spoilers as to what happens in the game. If you don’t want to know what happens in the game then don’t read on!!

Last week I (finally) downloaded the game series “Life is Strange”. In a nutshell, the game follows the story of Max, who discovers her ability to turn back time after she witnesses the murder of her childhood best friend, Chloe. In the the game, you have the responsibility of making decisions which can have small or large impacts on what happens throughout the game and in the future. The butterfly effect and chaos theory are very strong themes throughout the game which really makes you think about how such small choices or events throughout your life can lead to a chain reaction that results in something very significant.

I would rate the game a solid 8/10 with minor improvements being better graphics and animations, and also smoother gameplay. The story of the game was enthrall…


When the iceberg hits, some will not make it,
Some will go down with the vessel,
Accepting their fate, not fighting, but giving up.
Others will escape to the lifeboats and sail away to Serenity,
Leaving those less fortunate behind,
To either die, or survive.

Everyone around you is screaming for help,
It is your name they call.
“Why me?” you ask.
You are struggling as much as anyone else to survive
But still you are deemed responsible for ensuring the survival of others.

So you take a deep breath.

The piercing Water punctures your lungs
And your chest begins to collapse
As hypothermia begins to take over.
But you suppress it.
You need to save the others.

In the pursuit of helping others,
Your body becomes numb
To all feeling and emotion.
Putting them onto rafts,
And ensuring they reach Serenity,
Is your priority.

As the icy Water penetrates your body,
Like a virus clinging onto a host for survival,
You notice you can no longer feel anything.
Numbness, for now, is a relief until everyon…

Out of the Closet

The phrase "coming out of the closet" is a metaphor largely associated with someone disclosing their sexuality to someone else. I am not a huge advocate for coming out and making a big deal about not being straight. For me, sexuality is another part of your individuality and identity which does not require validation from others. However, because we live in a heteronormative society, which likes to put labels on things and have out-of-the-norm things overtly expressed, then coming out has become something which most LGBT people will experience at some point in their life.

Karl Heinrich Ulrichs, a German gay rights activist, introduced the idea of coming out in 1869 as a means of emancipation. In a time where the LGBT community was invisible, coming out was seen as essential to ensure visibility for the community and give LGBT people a voice. However, fast forward to 2017 and the LGBT community is not invisible anymore - well at least not completely. That being said, although…